The Chinese regime criticized the European Parliament Friday, Dec. 13, after a resolution adopted in Strasbourg calling for the immediate closure of so-called re-education camps in western China.

On Thursday members of the European Parliament issued a statement declaring that the human rights situation in China was worsening over the years as the government was becoming more oppressive against dissenting opinions, freedom of expression, religion, and the rule of law.

According to France24 , in response to the resolution, Beijing noted that the European Parliament was “hypocritical” and at the same time asked it to “abandon their double standards on counterterrorism” and stop “interfering in China’s internal affairs.”

Referring to the resolution, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “The people of Xinjiang and the Chinese people have a greater right to speak (about the situation in Xinjiang) than those who are far away in Europe, who have never been to Xinjiang.”

The European Parliament called for “targeted sanctions and freeze assets, if deemed appropriate and effective, against the Chinese officials responsible for severe repression of basic rights in Xinjiang.”

The criticism and sanctions that the Chinese communist regime has been receiving from the international community in the face of human rights abuses have also gradually made visible hundreds of people who have become the main focus of repression within China.

The spiritual discipline of the Buddha school, known as Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, has been persecuted relentlessly over the years. According to a report issued in early 2019 by an independent tribunal of human rights experts based in London, thousands of people have been victims of forced organ harvesting by the Chinese regime.

On Dec. 18 the European Parliament presented a human rights award to the daughter of economist and human rights activist Ilham Tohti.

Jewher Ilham accepted the prize on behalf of her father who was hailed by Parliament as a voice of “moderation and reconciliation” but at the same time was condemned by Beijing as “a terrorist.”

Beijing initially denied the existence of the camps in the Xinjiang region, but now claims they are “vocational training centers” needed to combat terrorism, according to Breitbart News.

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