This week the Netherlands changed the name of the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office to Netherlands Office of Taipei, making clear the great progress in cooperation that it has reached with its partner Taiwan.

Such a decision provoked Beijing’s angst, which maintains a tense diplomatic relationship with Taipei due to Taiwan’s determination to maintain its sovereignty and pro-democratic direction, refusing to adhere to the policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Dutch representative in Taipei, Guy Wittich, explained that the name change was due to the expansion of activities in many new areas between the two countries, according to Taiwan News.

This decision led to talk of imposing a restriction on medical supplies to combat the CCP Virus, known also as the Wuhan coronavirus, and implementing a boycott of Dutch products by Chinese consumers.

On Tuesday, April 28, the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands demanded clarification of the recent change in the name of the CCP office, saying that such a change “concerns China’s core interests” and called on the Netherlands to obediently adhere to its ‘One China’ principle.

The Chinese Embassy in The Hague even filed a complaint about what happened with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chinese social networks as well as some state media were the scenes of a boycott of Dutch products, although so far there has been no official announcement by the CCP, according to DutchReview.

The Global Times, a media outlet owned by the CCP, quoted several analysts speculating that the announcement had been made just as King’s Day was being celebrated in the Netherlands, comparing the commemoration of Dutch colonial rule in Taiwan in the 17th century and the change of name of the regime office to a humiliation for the CCP.

Another Global Times report called the move by the Netherlands a “provocative move,” saying it was “destructive to regional stability,” according to Taiwan News.

Chinese social networkers, who interact under strict monitoring and control by the Chinese regime, have reportedly called on Chinese companies to “stop exporting medical supplies immediately to the [European] country.”

However, the Netherlands is now among the countries in Europe that have refused to receive donations of medical supplies from China after 1.4 million masks, 600,000 of which were defective, were shipped at the end of March.

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