On June 4, Chinese soccer superstar Hao Haidong, top scorer on the national team, launched on a YouTube video strong criticism against the regime of leader Xi Jinping and said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), due to its mishandling of the pandemic, launched “a biological war against the world.”

According to Bitter Winter magazine, the player who led China to the only World Cup in 2002, published the criticism on his account on the Chinese social network Weibo, where he has more than 7 million followers, on the anniversary of the bloody massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989, in which hundreds of students who longed for democratic change for their country died.

Hao’s account was promptly canceled and information of his whole career disappeared from the social networks and sports media was told not to mention his name from now on.

The former striker accused the CCP of being a “terrorist organization” and demanded an end to it, categorizing it as “extremely sinful” in the process.

As the Daily Mail reported, the 50-year-old sports legend also said that the CCP has ruled with total atrocities against humanity and called for a new democratic government that guarantees “human rights, the rule of law, and religious freedom.”

On June 5, a spokesman for the CCP called his statements absurd in the middle of a press conference. Hao had previously sworn allegiance to the Federal State of New China, an alternative to the Chinese Communist Party that was reportedly established by dissident tycoon Guo Wengui, who lives abroad.

Hao asserted that ‘eliminating the Communist Party of China is the need for justice.’ He added, “The CCP was funded by the Communist International and a terrorist organization that overthrew the legal Chinese government.”

“Totalitarian rule in China has developed into total anti-humanity atrocities,” he said.

In the video, the former soccer player took the opportunity to talk about the current situation in Hong Kong and Tibet noting the pressure that Beijing is exerting to annex both regions to its political power, therefore calling for genuine autonomy and calling for an end to regime corruption.

Hao made no secret of his desire for a democratic system with a new constitution protected by the separation of powers and governed by the rule of “one person, one vote.”

Together with his wife, Ye Zhaoyin, who was a two-time badminton world champion, Hao said, “I believe that this Communist Party should be expelled from humanity. This is the conclusion I came to after 50 years of life.”

Hao is one of an unusual number of high-profile Chinese citizens who dare to speak openly about the regime despite the hard line it sets for those who consider themselves dissidents.