Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday, Aug. 1, condemned the Chinese communist regime for banning individual mainland Chinese citizens from visiting Taiwan.

“I want to tell the Beijing authorities that China using tourism as a political tool will only disgust Taiwanese people,” said Tsai.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the ban on Wednesday. The one-sentence notice stated that solo trips to Taiwan are suspended from Thursday, Aug. 1, “in light of the current relations between the two sides.”

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen condemned the Chinese communist regime for banning solo mainland Chinese citizens from visiting Taiwan, stating that “tourism should not be politicized,” August 1, 2019. (Screenshot/AP Video)

“Tourism should not be politicized and politicized tourism will not have a stable development,” said Tsai, who continued saying, “Self-guided tours to Taiwan are the best way for young Chinese people to know about Taiwan.”

“It is also the most natural and honest way for people across the Taiwan Strait to do exchanges,” said Tsai.


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The Taiwanese president stated that with the ban, these “young people’s rights have been ripped off” and “I think this is really too bad for them.”

Some experts said that the ban of solo travelers to Taiwan is China’s move to increase its pressure on Tsai and to validate Beijing’s position that Taiwan is Chinese territory, six months ahead of Taiwan’s elections.

The outspoken Taiwanese leader also criticized the Chinese regime for intentionally creating restlessness in the region with its military drills near to the island.

“Even this morning, at the moment when the situation in Hong Kong was very tense, the People’s Liberation Army had even published footage of these drills to intimidate Hong Kong people,” said Tsai.

She rebuked the Chinese communist regime for holding extensive military exercises recently.

China is “harassing neighboring countries’ airspace, territorial waters,” and the increase of the scope of the military drills is “creating trouble in these countries, creating restlessness within the region, and increasing distrust of other countries toward China,” continued Tsai.

Tsai forthrightly stated “This is not only an unwise thing to do, but also an irresponsible act.”

Relations between Taiwan and China are at a two-decade slump. As the United States, under President Donald Trump, steps up its support of Taiwan, the Chinese communist regime is flexing its muscles militarily to intimidate Taiwan besides imposing the ban on mainland Chinese solo travelers to the self-ruled island.

Some China experts, looking at the big picture, believe that the Chinese regime’s strategy could backfire.

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