July 1st marks a new anniversary since the United Kingdom handed over Hong Kong Island to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Pro-democracy demonstrators organized a meeting to commemorate the demand for democracy, but the CCP banned the event, arguing pandemic restrictions. However, it proudly announced more than 100 massive public events on the same date to celebrate the Party’s centennial.

The news outrages but does not surprise the pro-democracy movement that sees its movements increasingly repressed by the CCP, which manages to insinuate its influence inside the island more and more strongly, especially since the imposition of the Security Law imposed in 2020. 

On July 1, the Communists celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the CCP. For that event, the CCP will set aside all pandemic restrictions. 

Global Times, the well-known Communist propaganda newspaper, was not shy about announcing Monday that Hong Kong will hold “more than 100 activities” to celebrate both the Communist anniversary and Hong Kong’s return to Chinese control 24 years ago.

Among the events promoted by the Global Times is “a photo exhibition focusing on Chinese women and their outstanding feats during the last century at the Xiqu Center in West Kowloon,” which added to the general outrage, given that this event is organized in an enclosed space open to the public. In contrast, the CCP canceled the open-air pro-democracy gatherings under the pretext of not exposing the population to possible contagions of the CCP Virus.

Something similar happened with the usual June 4 vigil in commemoration of the Tiananmen massacre. The CCP used the pandemic situation as an excuse to cancel the demonstration in Victoria Park for the second consecutive year. 

On that occasion, however, peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators attended anyway, dressed in mourning clothes, holding flowers and candles, and waving cell phone flashlights, Hong Kong residents found ways to commemorate the Tiananmen massacre on its 32nd anniversary, despite the CCP’s bans that implemented a massive deployment of police and warnings in the city. Several demonstrators were imprisoned.

As reported by the Associated Press, unlike in other years when protesters stop at a particular location, this time, hundreds of activists could be seen wandering the streets around the park holding candles in the face of intimidating numbers of police.

The police attempted to disperse them, displaying banners warning that they were breaking the law. The authorities extended their cordon around the park and kept people and passersby always on the move.

The CCP seems to find no limits to its overwhelming control over Hong Kong, which until a year ago had some autonomy, as agreed when Britain ceded control of the island.

In the last week, the CCP and Hong Kong were also in the news when the Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily ceased publication after more than 25 years following strong pressures from the CCP. According to The BL, Apple Daily’s founder and several directors were arrested, and the CCP blocked its finances.

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