Under intense international pressure to obtain a vaccine against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, a pharmaceutical company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using its “volunteer” employees as guinea pigs in previous trials.

Pharmaceutical SinoPharm announced the tests on its employees, raising serious ethical questions about the presumption of coercion, given the high risks of applying the substance before the Chinese Communist Party approves its use on people, according to Fox23 News, on July 16.

Although SinoPharm alludes to a “spirit of sacrifice” the employees of the big pharmaceutical company “may feel pressured to participate,” according to Yanzhong Huang, a global health expert with the U.S.-based nonprofit Council on Foreign Relations.

“The idea of people willing to sacrifice is quite expected in China,” Huang added.

This process, which could involve a blatant violation of international ethical standards, is a sign of the importance of the rush to obtain the first vaccine to break the destructive cycle initiated by the CCP Virus.

“The political competition for first place is no less important than the race for the moon between the United States and Russia,” according to Lawrence Gostin, a specialist in global public health law at Georgetown University, located in Washington.

The CCP is a strong competitor in the search for a vaccine and seems to have no qualms about taking “shortcuts” to win the race.

So it granted special approval for the military to use an experimental vaccine made by CanSino Biologics, skipping the final tests needed to prove if it really works, according to The Associated Press.

CanSino conducted trials on its researchers on Feb. 29, before regulators gave the study the go-ahead.

The CCP has also attempted to steal information related to the development of the vaccine from other countries, the FBI reported.

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