The Chinese New Year, known as the Spring festival, is the most important event for the Chinese people. The Lunar New Year celebrations typically last 15 days, starting from the first day of the first lunar month.

As their cultural traditions take precedence, Chinese expats and workers from big cities will return to their home towns to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

It is important for Chinese and most Asians to reunite with family members during the end of the year and the beginning of new year. 

According to the South China Morning Post, a district of Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province, has called on civil servants, officials, and party members to “set an example” by celebrating the 2022 Lunar New Year at where they are instead of going back to their hometowns.

Furthermore, these local authorities urged residents to persuade relatives who live overseas or in Covid high-risk locations not to visit their hometown for New Year celebrations.

According to their statement, “If traveling is necessary, they must be thoroughly examined and strictly managed.”

Guangdong province is known as China’s manufacturing and trade center. In most parts of the province, most of the workforce comes from suburban and smaller towns for work. In Sanxiang town, Zhongshan city, the local administration told local enterprises to advise their staff to stay in towns to celebrate New Year rather than return to their hometowns.

Similar instructions were handed to retailers in Pingxiang, Guangxi province. 

China is one of the few countries still committed to the “No Covid-19 Cases” policy. However, the reported cases are considerably low. Regarding the CCP’s Zero-Case mentality, they have imposed harsh restrictions such as closing schools, transportation, and banning domestic travel during national holidays.

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