The Chinese communist regime banned the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) from Hong Kong in retaliation for the unrest in the city.

For Kenneth Roth, the head of HRW, this reaction of the regime is part of “an intensive attack” directed against international human rights agencies, said Breitbart.

“I had hoped to highlight Beijing’s growing assault on international efforts to defend human rights,” Roth said.

“The refusal to let me into Hong Kong vividly illustrates the problem,” he added on the website of the organization he chairs.

Roth planned to hold a press conference in Hong Kong on Jan. 15 to report on HRW’s global human rights study.

“My denial of entry pales in comparison to the harassment that Chinese activists routinely endure: jail, torture and enforced disappearance simply for trying to secure the basic rights of their fellow citizens,” Roth said.

In December the Chinese regime’s Foreign Ministry threatened to impose sanctions on HRW and other US pro-democracy organizations.

The human rights violations and violent repression perpetrated by the communist regime against Hong Kong residents have been widely documented.

One of the cases filmed shows the outrage caused by four men in uniform and a woman to a young woman.

These members of the Chinese regime violently subdued the young woman who was protesting in defense of rights that are violated in Hong Kong, according to a Nov. 22 video.

Several people have died amid the demonstrations in Hong Kong, and more suicides were reported, apparently from the demonstrations.

The protests by Hong Kong residents have been going on for seven months, and their struggle is supported by President Donald Trump and some senators.

On Nov. 27 President Trump signed a piece of legislation in support of the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, despite the opposition of the Chinese Communist Party.

“I support [the protesters in] Hong Kong. I am for freedom. I agree with all the things they want to do,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Nov. 24.

Hundreds of residents have called for international support, including calling on the United Kingdom to abolish the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which entrusted the city’s administration to the Chinese regime, in hopes of gaining democratic freedom in this important city.

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