A report broadcast by CCTV last week, a news channel of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), showed a mock street fight between the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Taiwanese army. The report made clear the CCP’s intentions to invade the island, which would lead to an inevitable conflict in the streets.

According to the report of the Chinese state television, republished by South China Morning Post, the PLA would deploy two of its main battle tanks in street combat in a possible war against Taiwan.

The weapons were designed to fight in the complex terrain of Taiwan’s cities and counties, noting that street fighting would be inevitable once troops landed on the island.

The military exercise involved 230 soldiers equipped with 30 tanks who formed a red team to represent the PLA. The objective was to attack a supposed city defended by a blue team of 70 soldiers and six tanks representing the Taiwanese forces.

The CCTV report argued that the objective of the exercise was to help the soldiers of the armored infantry brigade eliminate “some bad habits” left over from traditional mountain warfare training. 

As a warning, the report showed that in less than three hours the Red Army took over the city.

CCP-Taiwan conflict

The relationship between the CCP, Taiwan and its ally the United States is undoubtedly at its lowest point. The CCP views Taiwan as a separatist province that must eventually reunite with the mainland, by force if necessary. The United States, with President Trump at its head, defends the autonomy and freedoms of the Taiwanese people who have no intention of becoming part of the perverse communist regime.

Hong Kong’s national security law, passed in 2020 by the CCP, is the focus of criticism from human rights bodies and organizations that promote the freedom of individuals and peoples. For some months now, experts have been concerned that the law could be the perfect situation to intervene in Taiwan. With the approval of the law, the CCP took a big step to prepare for war with the neighboring island. 

Li Su is the president of the Modern think tank forum in China, a fervent defender and influential academic of the CCP. Through a posting on social networks, Li Su interpreted the new law as a tool that paves the way for governing in Taiwan.

According to an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Li Su has given speeches in Taiwan warning the island’s people that they will soon be invaded by the CCP. In April 2019, the Taiwanese government banned him from returning to Taipei to give another speech for promoting the use of force. 

Li said he interpreted Hong Kong’s security law as a “test case” in which the CCP will model its takeover of Taiwan. 

“We will learn to control Taiwan by experimenting with this law in Hong Kong,” he said. “From the experiment in Hong Kong, we will tell the people in Taiwan that after we join by force, we will have a way of dealing with you.”

The CCP openly claims that Taiwan is part of China and has never abandoned the threat of using state violence to take over the island. Chinese leader Xi Jinping himself, in a speech published by various media in early 2019, declared that he would take “all necessary measures” to absorb the island.

Over the past month, Xi has toured several military bases and repeatedly referred to preparations and training for war. This came at the same time that naval and air forces are intensifying drills off the coast of China, particularly near the Taiwan Strait and in the South China Sea.

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