Taiwanese Minister Chen Ming-tong warned that the National Security Law imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in addition to violating Hong Kong’s autonomy, threatens Taiwan and “all the people of the world.”

From the Ministry of the Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan (MAC), Chen said the CCP’s law targeted both Taiwanese and all foreigners, resident or not in Hong Kong, according to Articles 29 and 38 of the law, becoming a global threat, according to Taiwan News of July 1.

Chen illustrated by way of example that if a foreign journalist were found guilty of inciting hatred toward the CCP among Hong Kongers, he could suffer the consequences declared by the controversial law.

“All citizens of the world must face it seriously,” Chen stressed in accordance with his analysis of the law issued by the CCP.

Indeed, the aggressive actions carried out by the CCP in various parts of the world give rise to thoughts of the serious repercussions that its repressive law, in principle dictated for Hong Kong, could have.

For its part, the Taiwanese government reinforces its strategies to prevent a possible invasion promoted by Beijing from the continent.

Although the Taiwan is a stable democracy, the CCP considers it to be a territory that belongs to it and frequently proclaims it so.

Last month the CCP repeatedly raided Taiwanese airspace with its fighter planes, alerting the island’s military defenses.

Taiwan’s arsenal includes F-16 bombers armed with MK-84 2,000-pound bomb loads, Sky Bow III surface-to-air missiles, and Hsiung Feng III anti-ship cruise missiles, among others, as seen in an airstrike drill of potential enemy ships seeking to reach the coast, according to the Taipei Times.  

Taiwan’s defense ministry said it was on high alert to the military threat to its democracy posed by the CCP, which is now working to further suppress Hong Kong.

Also, Taiwan Deputy Defense Minister Chang Che-ping, said his country strengthened surveillance capabilities to monitor developments.

“We are able to monitor and respond to all activities of the CCP or foreign aircraft or ships near the Taiwan Strait,” Chang said, according to Formosa TV English News.