An Australian report says the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to forcibly take DNA samples from its citizens in violation of national and international human rights law.

The samples make up the world’s largest database for police services, according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) report, released June 17.

The aim of the DNA database would be to “comprehensively improve the ability of public safety agencies to solve cases and manage and control society,” according to the report.

The CCP records the DNA of millions of people without serious criminal records, including children.

Citizens are not informed of the fate of the samples taken.

While the procedure had already been applied to inhabitants of Tibet and Xinjiang, predominantly Uighurs, the Ministry of Public Security extended the extractions to the rest of China from 2017.

Multinationals such as the American company Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the dependents of the CCP’s AGCU Scientific and Microread Genetics, which could be considered accomplices to the violation of the rights of the intercepted citizens, are participating in this gigantic campaign.

It was also stressed that the CCP Virus pandemic does not prevent further DNA sampling, and in particular the agents focused on rural populations, according to Bitter Winter.

The villagers are threatened with the loss of their pensions or with “problems with the government and the police in the future,” as happened to residents of a village near Guilin, a city in the southern Guangxi region.

“Four policemen and four doctors were in the office that day, with tissues, glass bottles, syringes, iodine, and other medical supplies arranged on four tables,” one of the villagers told Bitter Winter.

As for the fate of the blood samples collected, they were told that they would “make it easier to find trafficked children and women in the future.”

Those forced to hand over the samples must also provide information about “their ethnicity and [government] identification number.”

The arbitrary nature of the procedure raises concern among parents, one of whom said, “It is illegal and violates human rights. The teachers blindly followed the officers’ orders, even though they are not medical professionals,” according to Bitter Winter.

Also, saliva, hair, and other biometric samples are often taken without people being told how they will be used.

The CCP is recognized worldwide for its persistent human rights violations, which has generated strong international condemnation.

The most disastrous violations involve the forced removal of organs, which are sold for transplants to patients around the world.

According to investigations, the victims, including Falun Dafa practitioners, are not even given anesthesia while being killed in such a horrific procedure, as has been denounced for decades by the specialized website Minghui.

Similarly, forced labor centers in which millions of citizens are estimated to be concentrated are rejected simply because they belong to minority ethnic groups and various religions, which are banned by the CCP.