Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are encouraging citizens to take “revenge trips” as a measure to revive tourism as well as the country’s economy after living under months of quarantine.

According to The Guardian, since Thursday, Oct. 1, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that about 550 million people are expected to make domestic trips as part of the mid-autumn festival and China’s national day.

By Tuesday, the first day of national holiday, Chinese social networks were flooded with photos of tourist sites with a massive influx of people, leading to several users complaining about the high traffic and difficulty in mobility. “Congestion is inevitable,” said one of them in Weibo.

As Fox News reported, the term “revenge trips” is usually used by the Chinese state media and the concept refers to the CCP’s “hope that people will travel or consume more than they usually do… because of pent-up demand from being cooped up.”

The anxiety of Chinese Communist Party officials to boost the economy and increase demand for tourism has led to a massive wave of travelers who can now access more than 500 tourist sites offering free or discounted tickets to visitors.

According to the South China Morning Post, 15 million flights are expected to take off between Oct. 1 and Oct. 8, while hotel reservations for Golden Week have increased by 50%.

The measures known as “revenge trips” are in contrast to months of extreme confinement and arbitrary measures in which different regions were forced to stay locked up under the campaign promoted by the authorities called “one million police enter ten million homes.”

The CCP has been the center of accusations at the international level for its questionable handling of the spread of the CCP Virus.

During his speech before the U.N. General Assembly, on Sept. 22, the President Donald Trump, recalled how amid the pandemic, China established domestic travel restrictions while allowing international flights, becoming a key factor in the spread of the virus.

President Trump also called on the U.N. to hold the CCP accountable for its actions, which together with the World Health Organization falsely claimed in the early days of the outbreak that there was no evidence of person-to-person transmission and then falsely reported that those without symptoms could not spread the disease.

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