The Prime Minister of East Turkestan’s government-in-exile, Salih Hudayar, compared the Jewish Holocaust by the Nazis to the inhuman treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, the  Daily Caller reported.

In a tweet by Chinese U.N. Ambassador Zhang Jun, where the official of one of the bloodiest regimes in human history appears to ‘commemorate’ the Jewish Holocaust, Hudayar responded, marking the ambassador’s hypocrisy.

“The CCP demonized the Uyghurs, labeling them as ‘enemies of the people and the state,’ as people with an ‘ideological virus,’ and ‘weeds that needed to be sprayed and killed,’ much like the ways that the Nazis demonized the Jews and other victims of the Holocaust,” Hudayar stated.

In his final days as secretary of state, Mike Pompeo called the Chinese Communist Party’s violations in Xinjiang a genocide, giving strength to repeated Uighur accusations.

Mike Pompeo comments on Uighurs

“I have determined that the PRC [People’s Republic of China], under the direction and control of the CCP [Chinese Communist party], has committed genocide against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang,” Pompeo said.

Faced with the its endless list of atrocities, the Trump administration adopted an aggressive policy toward the CCP.

In addition to economic sanctions on companies involved in the Uighur genocide, President Trump also imposed severe restrictions on CCP officials linked to these human rights violations.

Hudayar said Uighurs have been “forcibly indoctrinated, subjected to forced medication, starvation, rape, organ harvesting, torture, and even death in the same way that millions of Jews and others were sent to concentration camps, tortured, and killed.”

“Both the CCP and the Nazis emphasized ‘national rejuvenation’ and extreme fascist ideologies of supremacy as a basis to legitimize its atrocities, including genocide against ethnic and religious groups that are not Chinese in the case of the CCP, and non-German in the case of the Nazi,” the Uighur leader asserted.

Companies such as Coca Cola, Apple, Nike, Adidas, and Disney have been embroiled in controversy because they have been profiting from the forced labor of Uighurs in Xinjiang.

However, rather than show remorse for tarnishing their reputation, many of these companies hired lobbyists to convince lawmakers to amend laws aimed at banning or sanctioning imports from Xinjiang.

Worker Rights Consortium

In March 2020, a human rights advocacy group, Worker Rights Consortium, alleged that the famous French brand Lacoste was manufacturing gloves in Xinjiang’s concentration camps.

As is usually the case, the CCP sent “auditors” to check the factory and there were no complaints from employees.

Scott Nova, director of the Worker Rights Consortium, explained, “Given the climate of terror the government has created in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, given its intensive efforts to conceal proof of forced labor from foreign eyes, and given the pervasive surveillance apparatus that makes a confidential conversation oxymoronic, no worker is going to tell a factory auditor that her employer and the government are breaking the law by forcing her to work against her will.”

CCP abuses in Xinjiang

Hudayar lamented that the international community has not responded righteously to both the Holocaust and what is happening in China today.

“Unfortunately, in both the case of the Holocaust and the present genocide of Uyghurs, the world largely failed to act in time to prevent the atrocities despite credible evidence of it occurring,” he said.

Certainly now that Trump has left the White House there is deep concern that the current administration, which has been weak and complacent toward the genocidal Chinese regime, the CCP will only expand its evil inside and outside of China.

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