China teeters on the edges of a second wave of the CCP Virus, as hundreds of villages in one northeastern province have been placed under lockdown.

Local officials reported on Saturday, May 16, a cluster of cases of the virus were detected in Jilin Province. It is believed the cluster is connected to a worker in the close-by city of Shulan with Jilin’s vice-mayor warning on Wednesday that the situation was “extremely severe and complicated” and “there is major risk of further spread.”

New restrictions have been placed on the 4.5 million people in the city of Jilin, which is located in Jilin Province, near the Russian and North Korean borders.

A number of officials have been removed from their posts in Jilin City this weekend, including Liu Shijun, deputy director of the city’s health commission, according to CGTN. Shulan’s Communist Party chief Li Pengfei was also ousted on Saturday. It was reported that a team of 500 medical staff was rushed to Jilin on Sunday, with the CCP Virus alert raised to high.

A sihouette map of China with a stamp: Coronavirus (CCP Virus) on it. (Shutterstock)

The city has partially shut its borders, cut off transportation links with outbound and tour buses barred from leaving the city. Schools are closed, along with cinemas, gyms, internet cafes, and indoor entertainment areas. Anyone wanting to leave the city is required to provide evidence of a negative test for the CCP Virus within the past 48 hours. Pharmacies must report all sales of fever and antiviral medicines, the local authorities said in a statement.

There were six new cases on Wednesday, all linked to the Shulan cluster, bringing the total number of cases connected to a local laundry worker to 21. Shulan Mayor Jin Hua, told a press conference on Saturday that fresh measures had been “strictly implemented in accordance with the central government’s decision-making and the requirements of provinces and cities” adding, “after the local cases appeared in our city, the Shulan Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government acted swiftly, entered a state of war in an all-round way, took the most stringent control measures, and went all out to prevent and control the epidemic.”

The virus has been reported in seven provinces over the past two weeks, including Hubei, the province where the outbreak originated.

Wuhan is planning to test all 11 million residents for the virus, with six new cases appearing there last week. “City authorities required the tests to be completed within 10 days, but detailed requirements and measures are still under discussion,” said a public health official from the Hongshan District, reported Caixin.

Jilin officials traced 686 close contacts of domestically transmitted cases and have them under observation in different locations. In Liaoning, more than 1,000 close contacts to three confirmed cases, and 6,434 others in the high-risk category will quarantine for three weeks, reported the Global Times.

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