China’s ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai wrote an op-ad for The New York Times on Sunday, April 5, urging the two nations to cooperate to fight the CCP Virus (Wuhan coronavirus), but his words appeared to push further Communist Party propaganda. 

“There has been unpleasant talk between our nations about this disease. But this is not the time for finger-pointing. This is a time for solidarity, collaboration and mutual support,” Cui said.

Last month, Cui dismissed assertions that communist authorities covered up the virus outbreak, which started in Wuhan, at its early stages. He dodged the question about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) role in allowing the virus outbreak to become a global pandemic and declined to apologize.

The U.S. intelligence community reportedly confirmed last week in a classified report to the White House that the CCP has hidden the severity of the virus outbreak in China, underreporting both total cases and fatalities linked to the disease, according to Bloomberg.

Still, in his opinion piece, Cui claimed, “China has been providing updates about the disease in a responsible manner.”

“China has been providing updates about the disease in a responsible manner, including setting up an online COVID-19 knowledge center that’s available to all countries. Chinese and American health authorities and experts have stayed in close communication to share knowledge and experience,” he said.

Cui also said that China “is doing whatever it can” to support the United States and other countries hard hit by the virus, without mentioning that the majority of the rapid test kits and masks the country sent to Spain, Czech Republic, and Netherland were defective. 

“Huawei has donated tens of thousands of personal protective items—including masks, gloves, and goggles—to New York and Washington, D.C. In total, Chinese companies have donated 1.5 million masks, 200,000 test kits, 180,000 gloves and many other medical supplies to the United States,” Cui said, referencing Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant that has been mostly been banned from doing business in the United States over national security concerns. 

Chinese authorities have faced criticism worldwide for mishandling the outbreak that so far has killed thousands of people and paralyzed the global economy.

On Monday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) slammed the CCP for declining to work with U.S. professionals on the disease before it spread throughout the world.

“If the Chinese Communist Party would have allowed our scientists, our researchers, and our doctors in at the very beginning, we perhaps could have contained the coronavirus so that the rest of the world wouldn’t have to suffer,” McCarthy tweeted with a clip of a March 25 press conference on Capitol Hill.

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