Taiwan-based Largan, the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile camera lenses, has filed a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility, a China-based subsidiary of Lenovo, for infringing its patent.

Largan confirmed on Dec. 12 that its lawsuit was sent to the U.S. Northern California court, alleging that the 5G smartphones sold by Motorola Mobility are infringing on six optical lense patents that Largan owns.

According to Epoch Times, the Taiwanese company’s primary goal is to protect its patents and intellectual property rights and claim royalties.

Largan’s patents are distributed worldwide. Therefore, the copyright war is not targeted at a specific market but at those companies that infringe the copyright.

Largan said it would take legal action against any patent infringement. Firstly, it will remind the other companies. Then, if the intentional violation still occurs, it will sue those companies.

Motorola Mobility’s predecessor was Motorola’s mobile devices division, incorporated as a Google subsidiary in 2012. In 2014, Google sold it to Lenovo.

According to market research agencies, Motorola ranked third in mobile phone sales in the U.S. in the first three quarters of this year, with a market share of 8%. Far away at the top are Apple (43%) and Samsung (35%).

As for the Chinese domestic market, Motorola did not make it to the top list.

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