The coronavirus is putting a strain on China’s health care system, and Xi Jinping is asking Chinese people to have faith in the Chinese Communist Party. Has the regime failed the people by covering up the true situation and not taking action sooner? People are becoming angry and are losing faith in the Communist Party.

With the number of infected and dying victims of the novel coronavirus surging in Wuhan, China, health professionals have become exhausted and are themselves contracting the infection.

 The number of cases being recorded is way below the real number, due to statistical inaccuracies, as Chinese officials have proved to be so in the past.

As testimony to this, the 14 crematoriums in Wuhan are operating to maximum capacity.

One crematorium, with 24 ovens is operating 24 hours per day, is processing hundreds of corpses each day, and can’t keep up with the demand. Logic would tell us then, that with the 24 crematoriums all working to capacity, the body count could be in the thousands each day. That number is a far cry from what the Communist Party would lead us to believe.

The sudden increase in Wuhan of sulfur dioxide emissions is believed to be due to thousands of bodies being cremated.

There is cause for concern after Chinese authorities refused to follow World Health Organization guidelines, instead not acknowledging cases where the patients, although testing positive for the virus, were showing no symptoms.

Vincent Su, a thoracic surgeon in Taipei, said, “It’s a vicious cycle that the more medical professionals infected, the fewer patients well-treated. With patients flooding in, the frontline [in Wuhan] appears to be broken. This is what we call a collapsing medical system.”

New coronavirus cases are scrambling to get help from an already stretched health system. The number of new cases outside of Hubei Province has lessened over the past week. It is not clear if this is the result of containment, or that many cases are not being confirmed.

Doctors in Hunan, Hebei, and Jiangxi provinces spoke by mobile phone to Foreign Policy and said dozens of people were being held in quarantine but were unable to be tested due to no kits available.

“If a super spreader emerges to speed up contagion by tenfold, China may be overtaken by the virus and further pushed into the hell of fire,” said Chen Bingzhong, a former health official, reports VOA.

Other health emergencies are often going without help, emergency numbers may take hours to respond, creating serious delays for those suffering life or death situations. The secondary death toll as a result of the coronavirus epidemic may be very high, even exceeding the toll of coronavirus deaths.

“The coronavirus is a problem for the Chinese Communist Party because the CCP has historically not handled epidemics and other large-scale disasters well,” said Maura Cunningham, a historian focusing on modern China, reports The Guardian. “The Party has shown a knee-jerk tendency to clamp down on information and not be forthcoming with accurate statistics.”

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