The Sunday Times has just made a shocking revelation: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been hiding a virus very similar to The CCP Virus [Covid-19] in the controversial laboratory in Wuhan since 2012.

A report published on July 4 by the renowned British media highlights that eight years ago, Chinese scientists found the strain in an abandoned copper mine that was infested with bats and rats.

The specialists found the CCP Virus after it caused the death of six men working in the Tongguan mine in the community of Mojiang, southwest China.

According to the report, three of the workers experienced fever, cough, and respiratory problems, symptoms compatible with CCP Virus.

Studies at the time showed that four of the six sick people tested positive for antibodies generated by coronavirus, while the remaining two died before being tested.

The most shocking thing, said the Times, is that this strain of the coronavirus, found in August 2012, was stored in the controversial virology laboratory in Wuhan, the epicenter of the CCP Virus pandemic.

Moreover, The Sunday Times said there is evidence that the CCP did not make public the data on the virus found, even though such a finding could be key in combating the pandemic.

The revelation has just come to light through the thesis of a young doctor whose tutor is a professor who in 2012 worked in the emergency area of the hospital where the infected miners were treated. 

The origin of the CCP virus

The search for the origin of the CCP Virus, which has already affected more than 11 million people and left more than 531,000 dead, promises to continue revealing new data.

In fact, this information became public shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it will send a delegation to China this week to find out, among other things, whether the CCP Virus originated in the laboratory in Wuhan. This is a suspicious development, given the close links between the health authorities and the leaders of the CCP.

In fact, multiple allegations indicate that high-risk experiments were being conducted at the Wuhan laboratory, involving the modification of coronaviruses to increase their ability to infect and spread.

The Sunday Times report warns that in recent years scientists from the Wuhan Virology Institute have been collecting hundreds of samples of coronaviruses from territories far from China to carry out these investigations.

These facts contrast radically with the explanation given by the CCP.

The enigmatic Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology co-authored in February 2020 the most extensive academic work on the then novel coronavirus.

In addition to providing a comprehensive genetic description of the virus, Shi’s paper—published in Nature—indicated that the Wuhan lab housed a bat sample called RaTG13, which was 96.2% compatible with the CCP Virus.

But new work revealed by The Sunday Times notes that the RaTG13 sample was found in the mine in 2012 and, worse, this information was not made public until now.

Looks point to China

Already in April President Donald Trump had indicated that, after seeing several tests, he had a “high level of confidence” that the CCP Virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The president had indicated that Washington was “looking at it very, very hard.”

“We’re going to see where it is—we’re going to see where it comes from. There’s a lot of theories. China might even tell us,” President Trump said.

Along the same lines, in June President Trump announced that he would withhold funding to the WHO for its handling of the virus outbreak, in which head of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised Beijing’s attempts to “contain” the virus.