Sen. Ted Cruz condemned the Chinese communist regime for systematically practicing “brutal and terrifying” forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China, the Epoch Times reported.

“The CCP not only tortures and murders Falun Gong practitioners. It also harvests their organs on massive scale,” the Republican said in his speech at a conference hosted by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington on Sept. 26.

“The next time someone is celebrating our friends in the Chinese government, it may perhaps be worth asking, ‘Are you often in the practice of palling around with organ harvesters?’” he said.

Falun Gong, or Falun Dafa, is a traditional Chinese meditation discipline persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999, when the party began to consider it a threat due to its growing number of practitioners, estimated at between 70 and 100 million people.

Cruz went on to point out that, although there were thousands of recorded cases of followers of this peaceful ancient practice who died as a result of religious persecution in China, the number is believed to be much higher.

He also condemned serious abuses by the Chinese regime against house-church Christians, Uighur Muslims, and Tibetan Buddhists.

Denunciation after denunciation

The new complaint comes on top of those filed at the UN earlier last week by China’s independent People’s Court lawyer and adviser Hamid Sabi.

After verifying that the Chinese regime has been killing prisoners of conscience for their organs “beyond a reasonable doubt,” Sabi asked the international body to address the issue by arguing that it had a “legal obligation” to address such “criminal conduct” that causes this “possible genocide,” which is primarily aimed at eliminating Falun Gong practitioners.

“The Tribunal has had no evidence that the significant infrastructure associated with China’s transplant industry has been dismantled and absent a satisfactory explanation as to the source of readily available organs, concludes that forced organ harvesting continues till today,” concluded the Tribunal presided over by Sir Geoffrey Nice in June, who previously directed the prosecution of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic at the International Criminal Tribunal.

It determined that it was “certain that Falun Gong as a source—probably the principal source—of organs for forced organ harvesting,” Nice said at the time, according to The Guardian.

Although the numbers are difficult to verify, there are reportedly about 1.5 million prisoners of conscience in China, according to Sky News who collected data from the 2016 “Bloody Harvest” report that estimated that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs are transplanted each year in Chinese hospitals.

Ethan Gutmann, an investigative writer involved in drafting the report, who has spent years scrutinizing China, told Sky News: “What has happened here is a true crime against humanity. Falun Gong was round one. The Uighurs is round two, and sped up.”

Susie Hughes, co-founder of the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), said: “We need an urgent response to save these people’s lives.”