Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), warned of the threat posed to the country’s universities by the security law imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Hong Kong.

Scott also called attention to the silence that the universities keep on their links with the CCP, while they go out “to fight injustices,” obeying the radical left, according to his article in Townhall on Sept. 10. 

“The radical left has made its way into our universities and focused on combatting perceived injustices, renaming buildings, liberalizing curriculum, and promoting safe spaces over open, honest debate,” Scott wrote. 

“Meanwhile, staying silent on their connections to Communist China, a country committing genocide against its Muslim population and actively oppressing the people of Hong Kong,” Scott added. 

He also warned that the CCP claims international jurisdiction with the controversial law imposed in Hong Kong, which would supposedly allow it to judge and condemn those who violate its rules abroad.

These rules punish even comments that challenge the CCP’s authoritarianism.

“If a Chinese student studying at an American university makes a comment in an online discussion that upsets General Secretary Xi, that student could be punished when they return home,” Scott said in his article.

“All of us must stand together and say that Communist China’s human rights abuses will not be tolerated,” Scott urged.

In fact, the negative influence of the CCP in the American education arena has been fought over the past few years. 

One of the infiltration resources used by the CCP is its Thousand Talents Plan, which consists of recruiting American scientists and professors with the aim of transferring knowledge to China surreptitiously and illegally, and thus generating great benefits.

According to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, China and other countries send students to U.S. schools and universities to steal trade and defense secrets, the Washington Examiner reported in August 2019.

“Many of these governments use U.S. foreign student and scholarship programs as opportunities to engage in espionage and theft of important defense and trade secrets, as well as cutting-edge technological advances,” the Center for Immigration Studies report said.

“For many nations—China is a prime example—such espionage is a ‘family affair’ and it encourages all of its students and scholars to bring important information home whenever the opportunity presents itself,” the same report added.

One of the measures taken by the Trump administration to combat the CCP’s infiltration of the education of its youth was the closure of the Confucius Institutes, which were funded by the CCP. 

“I hope we will close them all by the end of this year,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported on the closure of the Confucian Institutes in the United S tates in an interview with Fox Business on Sept. 1.