The Chinese communist regime has warned demonstrators in Hong Kong that they will be “punished” for the demonstrations that have been going on in the region for two months.

“As for their punishment, it’s only a matter of time,”,” said Yang Guang, a spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, which reports directly to the Chinese cabinet, according to The Telegraph.

Beijing also does not rule out military intervention. It has already sent more than 12,000 police officers to the city of Shenzhen on the border with Hong Kong to conduct riot control drills.

The historic protests, which have mobilized millions of people, began two months ago after the government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong proposed a bill that would allow China to seek extradition of suspects to the territory of mainland China.

This bill, now suspended but not withdrawn, has generated widespread fears that the Chinese communist regime could transfer anyone at will to be tried in its opaque legal system, explains the Epoch Times.

The new announcement has raised fears in the international community not long after the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre.

On Wednesday, thousands of Hong Kong legal professionals organized a march to pressure the city’s Justice Department over what they say are political prosecutions of demonstrators, after China said the territory faced its worst crisis since it was returned from Britain in 1997, The Guardian reported.

The clashes between demonstrators and police in Hong Kong are intensifying and the government has not given in to any of the proposed demands: the withdrawal of the extradition bill and the resignation of the leader, Carrie Lam, executive director of Hong Kong.

“I can’t even count how many times I have attended rallies and protests,” said Fergana Chung, 29, who works in marketing, according to The Telegraph.

“Carrie Lam is still giving us the same response. It’s to the point where even people who don’t care about politics are noticing what’s happening in Hong Kong. As more citizens join us, I hope the government won’t escape anymore,” she added.

On Monday, there was a significant escalation of violence and police fired 800 cans of tear gas.

As a reference, from the beginning of the protests until then, the police had fired 1,000 cans of tear gas, 150 rounds of sponge grenades, and 160 rounds of rubber bullets.

According to the Sino-British Joint Declaration adopted when the UK returned Hong Kong to China, it should maintain a “high degree of autonomy” through an independent judiciary, a free press, and an open market economy, a framework known as “one country, two systems.”

Over the years, however, China’s communist influence over Hong Kong has grown, with its government and parliament inclined in favor of Beijing. Education, publications, and the media are increasingly under pressure.

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