Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, speaking at a press conference at the Institute of International Relations in Paris on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 30, about allegations of abuse in Xinjiang’s Uighur detention camps, ignored the human rights concerns of European countries and warned against interference in Chinese affairs.

In the wake of the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus, Wang is touring Europe in an effort to revive trade and remedy the strained relations caused by the global economic and health crisis due to the virus.

As reported by The Associated Press, Wang, during a conference in Paris, reiterated the claim that all those sent to re-education centers in Xinjiang have been released and reassigned to their jobs. At the same time, human rights groups and family members report that Uighur Muslims continue to be actively detained without even informing families of their whereabouts and health status.

Yi said, “The rights of all trainees in the education and training program, though their minds have been encroached by terrorism and extremism, have been fully guaranteed. There is no one in the education and training center now.”

While the Chinese authorities generally avoid giving statements about the situation of the Uighurs in Xinjiang, there are increasing reports that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has detained 1 million or more Uighurs, keeping them in concentration camps and prisons where they are subjected to ideological discipline, forced to renounce their faith, their language, and are also subjected to physical abuse. 

When asked about the controversial national security law imposed on Hong Kong, which violates international covenants and agreements signed by the CCP on maintaining the independence of the territory, Wang replied, “We certainly couldn’t sit idly by and let the chaos go on, so we enacted a law maintaining national security that specifically suited Hong Kong’s situation.”

On Friday, Wang held a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. According to a French government spokesman, Macron expressed great concern about the situation in Hong Kong and human rights, particularly of the Uighurs. He also mentioned the need for China to respect its international commitments. 

During the same conference, according to the South China Morning Post, Wang made a special plea to the European community to jointly confront “extremist forces” in the United States that are pressing for alliances to stop the CCP’s global advance. 

Wang made his strongest anti-American comments so far in his speech on Sunday, adding to his confrontational tone from his previous stops in Italy, the Netherlands, and Norway. There is still the expected visit to Germany on Monday afternoon.