Ten Chinese spies that the Afghan government had previously arrested for planning terrorist attacks and incriminating the Uighurs, were repatriated under pressure from the CCP without being prosecuted and without the scandal making headlines around the world, Breitbart reported.

On Dec. 25, 2020, the Hindustan Times reported that ten Chinese spies had been arrested in Afghanistan for being part of a terrorist cell that planned to carry out attacks in the region with an even darker intention behind it: to incriminate the Uighurs in order to justify the genocide of the Chinese regime in Xinjiang province.

According to Bitter Winter, “Last week, a chartered plane left Kabul airport to an unknown destination in China. Aboard were ten Chinese nationals, who had been arrested in Afghanistan on December 10, some in the house of one Li Yangyang, believed to be a high-profile intelligence agent, where weapons, ammunitions, and drugs had also been found.”

The Chinese spies had become involved with the Haqqani Network, an organization of jihadists associated with the Taliban, apparently in an attempt to receive training and advice for their attacks, but the Afghan intelligence service thwarted their plans.

Nevertheless, according to the evidence obtained in the case, the Chinese agents intended to carry out the attacks under the name of a former group of Islamic terrorists called The Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM).

The ETIM sought the liberation of the province of Xinjiang that the Uighurs refer to as “East Turkistan,” which today is part of China.

The terrorist group was active until before 2003 when its leader was killed by Pakistani security forces.

In 2020 the U.S. government removed ETIM from the list of terrorist organizations on the grounds that there was no evidence that they still existed, which angered Party.

The CCP was trying to use this false flag to justify the repression of the Uighurs in Xinjiang, whom Bit accuses of being “extremists” and claims that its concentration camps where they are tortured and forced to work for free, are places where the Uighurs are “re-educated” or “de-radicalized.”

According to an Indian newspaper’s initial report, the Afghan government demanded a formal apology from the CCP for the events. However, it sent its diplomats to Afghanistan to press for the case to be dismissed and dropped.

As a consequence, Afghan President Amrullah Saleh himself gave the go-ahead to repatriate the Chinese spies and deny what happened.

“No foreign citizen has been arrested in an effort operation in the Khairkhaneh area. The arrested are the palmadis that are under the scope,” Saleh said in December in a Facebook post.

The Afghan president’s statements contradict information presented by the Afghan National Security Directorate in December when the Chinese spies were arrested.

“Regarding the Chinese network, I can confirm for you that, yes, they have been arrested; however, I can’t go into the details because of the sensitive nature of the case,” Ahmad Zia Saraj said, according to Afghanistan’s Tolo news agency.

The genocide against Muslim Uighurs has been well documented and an increasing number of governments have begun taking counter measures primarily against the goods imported from Xinjiang and made with forced labor from these prisoners of conscience.

 Once again, unfortunately, diplomatic relations leave a bitter taste of complicity between corrupt governments that prevented the news from transcending globally so that the international community could see more clearly the perversity of the Chinese Communist Party.