According to Harold Scott, the ambitious Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using the Chinese communities in other countries to exploit political gain.

Harold Scott is a Senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation. He told VOA News that the CCP forces people of Chinese descent in other nations to work for it.

Scott said the CCP would convince overseas Chinese to cooperate, stressing their patriotic responsibilities and offering them money. 

He said the CCP would “make them feel that China’s fate and power were dependent on them.” He exemplified that it would say, “you should do it for China. Each of the Chinese is expecting you to do this.”

According to Scott, any person would be placed in a very tough position when the CCP targets them.

The CCP would seek to promote the party’s strategic diplomacy interests through this demographic.

At the same time, Scott said it also monitors groups of Chinese overseas, whether they are the Han Chinese or the Uyghurs, the Tibetans, or other groups.

A recent report by MIT Technology Review said the U.S.’s “China Initiative” found threats were no longer confined to economic and national security espionage.

The scope has expanded to cover almost all cases related to China, including government-supported hackers, smugglers, and even scholars with CCP ties, among many others. 

The report said only about a quarter of the defendants charged under the “China Initiate” have been convicted. In addition, half of the outstanding cases have not yet been tried by the court.

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