Bytro Labs, the game “Conflict of Nations: World War 3” developer from Hamburg, Germany, recently released a version of the game featuring the world map with Taiwan recognized as an independent nation. 

As Taiwan News reported, the Xinjiang region became Uyghur, whereas Mongolia and Nepal became Georgia. But most notable was most of China being identified as Western Taiwan. 

Since President Tsai Ing-wen told Beijing that Taiwan was an independent country in January 2020, it has become increasingly common for netizens to refer to China as “Western Taiwan.” They also refer to China as “Mainland Taiwan,” “Beijing Taiwan,” and more.

As Beijing is constantly becoming more aggressive towards Taiwan and snarling at international interference, “Western Taiwan” became more relevant and widespread. Earlier this year, it stirred a wave of overseas memes. 

The term “Western Taiwan” became even more popular when Toronto Sun journalist Brian Lilley tweeted a map that made such identification this May.

Hollywood actor John Cena also mentioned that Taiwan is an independent country when promoting the movie “Destiny 9.” Yet, to U.S. fans’ disappointment, Cena later apologized after being criticized by Chinese netizens. 

In June, Kyle Bass, the American financial magnate, and the hedge fund Hyman Capital founder, wore a shirt with “Western Taiwan” printed on it. The shirt was so sensational that people swarmed in to ask Bass where to buy it.

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