Zhejiang officially reported 192 new cases of coronavirus between December 5 to 13. Judging by the CCP’s record of falsified statistics, the real figure could be much higher. 

The cases emerged from Ningbo, Shaoxing, and Hangzhou cities, driven by the Delta variant. Following new cases, Zhejiang has toughened up its pandemic control measurements with the regional lockdown. 

According to NTDTV, more than 540,000 residents have been under full home quarantine. 

People in Shangyu district of Shaoxing said they were tested for the virus daily. And it is expected that the city will be closed for at least a month.

While people are confined to their homes, all toiletries were ordered online and distributed by volunteers, making them more expensive than usual.

Xu, a resident of Shangyu said all classes and work there were suspended and companies have ceased operations.

People were concerned that the authorities would not lift the restrictions as long as local cases continue to surface. 

With businesses and jobs temporarily suspended, some were concerned about their financial ability. If the situation continues, companies may eventually close down and more people would become unemployed.

The outbreaks in Zhejiang also raised suspicions of Shanghai covering up its COVID-19 situation. The first person recorded from this wave of COVID-19 in the province went to Shanghai for a business trip in November.

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