Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that he will recognize the U.S. president-elect after the corresponding authorities decide who legally won the election.

“We are waiting for the U.S. electoral authorities to already define the result of the election, once this happens we will make a statement, and we will send a message to whoever is the winner. We want the electoral process to be exhausted and to define who won,” López Obrador said on Thursday.

During his usual morning press conference, the president affirmed that he is acting in an institutional manner, with the principle of nonintervention.

When asked if his statement could be made in the next few days, on December 14 when the U.S. Electoral College will vote to certify the election or wait until January 2021, López Obrador replied, “Let’s keep an eye on all that, we don’t want to rush it.”

“We are going to wait for the legal decision and immediately we will make our decision, we don’t have problems with anyone, we have very good relations,” said the Mexican president.

Within the framework of a vast amount of complaints for fraud and irregularities, it is still not clear who the elected president of the United States is.

While many presidents greeted the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, others chose to wait for what the justice system and/or electoral authorities decide. Among the latter are, in addition to López Obrador, Vladimir Putin of Russia and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil.

In fact, recently, Bolsonaro has assured that, according to his own sources, there was fraud in the elections on Nov. 3.

Putin has said that he will only congratulate the U.S. president-elect once the “legitimate and legal” result of the elections is in.

Historically, the vote of the Electoral College has been a formality, but this year it acquired a broader importance, after the legal team of President Trump’s campaign, and other lawyers, presented several cases in court with evidence of electoral fraud.


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