The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been involved in a coverup of information about the CCP Virus, and the repeated censorship has reached a new level.

Academic research from two leading universities in China was published on their websites—then erased.

Fudan University and the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) are the latest to fall victim to the CCP’s strict control, when the important research was erased from their website caches, reported The Guardian.

Fudan University in Shanghai suffered the same fate, with posts published on April 9 deleted.

“They are seeking to transform it from a massive disaster to one where the government did everything right and gave the rest of the world time to prepare,” Kevin Carrico, a senior research fellow of Chinese studies at Monash University, told The Guardian.

“There is a desire to a degree to deny realities that are staring at us in the face … that this is a massive pandemic that originated in a place that the Chinese government really should have cleaned up after SARS,” he added.

China’s Ministry for Science and Technology announced on April 3 that any CCP Virus research must be submitted to officials within three days of publication, or it would be deleted. Now, a new directive states that all research papers on the CCP Virus must be vetted by officials before publication. Any studies on the origin of the infection will be subjected to closer scrutiny by Party officials.

Newsweek reviewed a cached version of the announcement, “1. Academic papers on the traceability of the new coronavirus must be reviewed by the academic committee of the school before publication, focusing on the authenticity of the paper and whether it is suitable for publication. After the review is passed, the school reports to the Ministry of Science and Technology, which can only be published after the review by the Ministry of Science and Technology.”

Early medical whistleblowers in Wuhan who tried to send out warnings about the strange new virus were punished. And just as deplorable, the World Health Organization (WHO) was standing together with Beijing, sending all the wrong messages to the world. The WHO is the health body of the United Nations—receiving millions of dollars from nations worldwide to keep the world safe.

The CCP claims the first infection was identified in a patient around Dec. 31, 2019, but this has proved to be a deliberate lie.

Skye reported, “In 2019, there were already over 200 cases,” according to Josephine Ma, the editor of the South China Morning Post. As we saw “from the classified government records.”

“What we have found is that there are actually cases in November,” Ma claims authorities knew of an infected person, a 55-year-old woman on Nov. 17. Now that’s six and a half weeks before the rest of the world was told about the pandemic. Before the lockdown was put in place, 5 million citizens had already left, they traveled to all parts of the world, helping to create the pandemic.

There are claims that the responsibility for the deaths of tens of thousands worldwide can be laid at the feet of the CCP.

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