A new comprehensive report conducted by the French Ministry of Armed Forces detailing the global infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been published after two years of research, with more than 50 researchers contributing to the report.

The report, “Chinese Influence Operations: A Machiavellian Moment,” was authored by Dr. Paul Charon and Dr. Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer at the Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM) an esteemed military school in France.

Consisting of 641 pages, it details the worldwide operations carried out by the CCP, such as Beijing’s interference in elections, and describes their cunning methods used to create fear in populations, using coercion and infiltration—tactics observed similarly in Russia.

The report includes such contentious issues as global organ harvesting, the persecution of Falun Gong, foreign election interference, and how underhand methods, both political and economic, were used to exert more influence, especially when normal political and economic avenues failed them.

Regarding global organ harvesting, the CCP hides the fact it is engaged in the murder of prisoners of conscience by removing their organs to be sold to desperate buyers. At the same time, it seeks to restrict any narratives about worldwide organ trafficking.

The report confirms that from about 2017, a “Russianization” of CCP influence operations has occurred.

CNBC reported favorably on the French military report: “In addition, the report also claims that Beijing has tried to influence the outcome of elections over the past decade—reportedly in at least 10 elections in seven countries. This is something that U.S. intelligence officials have also blamed Russia for, notably during the 2016 presidential election in the United States,” they added.

There is a focus within four sections of the report on “concepts, actors, and actions,” utilized by the CCP, which include concepts such as propaganda, espionage, lawfare, and organizational influence, carried out by the Party, state, military, and industry; and actions being seduction, subjugation, infiltration, and coercion.

The report includes several case studies carried out on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Canada, and “Operation ‘Infection 2.0’ during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” where the CCP spread lies alleging that COVID originated in the United States. 

In addition, CNBC point out that recently, on Sept. 24, at the Quad Leaders Summit hosted by President Biden, “coercion” was a topic discussed by leaders of the United States, Japan, Australia, and India. Commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region that is “undaunted by coercion.” 

The CCP has retorted that the Quad alliance is “doomed to fail.”

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