The impact caused by the outbreak of the CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party Virus) in Spain saw a spike in the death toll today, Monday, April 13, with some 17,489 people dead. An increase of 517 deaths compared to 16,972 deaths on Sunday.

According to the Spanish Health Ministry, the number of infections also rose to 169,496 confirmed cases compared to 166,019 the day before, reported Reuters.

Although the death toll has broken the 17,000 mark, the 517 new deaths are still below the 619 recorded on Sunday.

For now, the general situation seems to indicate that Spain is reaching the peak of the virus  spread as the number of deaths recorded is showing a downward trend.

According to Express UK, since March 14 the restrictions implemented for confinement only allow people whose jobs and occupations are essential to go out to work, in addition to allowing citizens to go out to buy medicine or food.

The majority of the population will remain in their homes while bars and public spaces will remain closed until at least April 26.

In the meantime, face masks have been distributed to people who got up early for work on Monday when they were at the main transportation hubs.

In response to the measure implemented on April 12, Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said in a radio address, “The health of workers must be guaranteed. If this is minimally affected, the activity cannot restart.”

Some nonessential workers are expected to resume work this week after President Pedro Sánchez reported Sunday that some sectors of the economy would be reopened after consulting with a committee of scientific experts.

According to NPR, the measure would make it easier for some companies that cannot operate remotely, such as the construction and manufacturing sectors, to return to work.

However, Sánchez insisted that the necessary decisions must be made regarding prevention, asserting that the public was not yet ready to return to a normal social life.

“We are still far from victory, from the moment when we can pick up our normal lives again, but we have made the first decisive steps in the path toward victory,” said Sánchez.

Sánchez also said that although the decisions taken were decisive, he still insisted that further restrictions would only be lifted depending on how beneficial the measures implemented are so far.