New infections of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus reported in Wuhan, Hebei Province, China, on May 9 set off health alarms and caused 11 million people to be tested.

“But the safety measures inside are really bad. [People] are too close and the testing person handled a lot of samples from people but I didn’t see him wash his hands,” complained one Wuhan resident who did not identify herself, according to the Hong Kong Free Press on May 15.

Numerous makeshift nucleic acid test booths were gathering residents in long lines throughout the city, just one month after the quarantine that had stopped living in the city for more than two months had been lifted.   

The procedure involves people being swabbed at the back of their throats after their personal details have been recorded.

The CCP Virus has re-emerged in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, located in the northeast of the country on the border with Russia.

The CCP has been linked to numerous scandals following the controversial handling of the outbreak that originated in China in late December.

It not only concealed the presence of this health emergency and the seriousness of it to the whole world but also did not allow the intervention of scientists from several countries interested in knowing the origins and how it has evolved in Wuhan.

The World Health Organization (WHO) itself is involved in this mismanagement and is accused of not fulfilling its obligations to preserve international health.

The situation in Taiwan has been very different. Taiwan took preventive measures against the wave of contamination of the CCP Virus long before the WHO declared it a pandemic.

There were only four deaths in this country and it has not stopped the pace of life of its inhabitants, who were provided with sufficient protection.

However, the CCP is preventing Taiwan from joining the WHO, depriving the country of its right and the rest of the world of its knowledge.

Many countries and organizations have protested to the CCP about the questionable procedures followed in this crisis that has caused serious damage and many deaths worldwide.

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