China’s Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said on Dec. 2 that President Biden invited Taiwan to the “Democracy Summit” without asking China, showing that the conference is just fake democracy, anti-democracy. He even said that China is a worthy democratic country.

In response to this statement, Wang Dan, a Chinese pro-democracy activist in the United States, said on Facebook that he had never seen anyone so shameless.

Under the comment section of his Facebook post, he further asked: Is the CCP’s propaganda department full of unusual people working?

Just after half an hour, nearly a hundred netizens commented. They say that democracy means that the people are masters, and officials serve them. If officials do not do their job correctly, people can criticize and exclude them from the electoral system. There is no election to eliminate officials in China. Also, we can not criticize the officials. How is this democracy?

Another commented that democracy is the right of every person from birth; Americans are very clear about that. In China, at one time, officials said that the People’s cultural standard was not high, not suitable for democracy. At other times, they said that China is an entirely democratic country. This is like China’s officials suffering from multiple personalities.

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