One of the best-known dissidents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Guo Wengui (Miles), rejected the statements of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Sino-Japanese War, in Beijing on Sept. 3.

Xi emphasized in his speech the authority of the CCP, interpreting that the will of the Chinese people would not change that Party, according to South China Morning Post. 

“We refuse to be represented by this evil small group of “rich people” and its so-called red power any more! By no means can they represent us for the future!” quoted Guo’s Gnews, on Sept. 3.

Guo also believes that if there were a referendum, the CCP would no longer be the only party in China.

“If there be a referendum right now, the CCP would be thrown away already! For 70 years the CCP has only committed crimes against the Chinese people and it’s time to settle them once and for all! Now that the world is standing against the CCP, they are thinking about the Chinese people,” Gnews said.

In his speech Xi said that during 2020 the CCP “will lift all people out of poverty.” According to Guo’s data the economic gap is too big for that statement to become a reality.

“In China, almost 1 billion people still do not have access to adequate public toilets. The annual GDP is only $700 per person,” explained Guo in Gnews.

Guo is a multimillionaire CCP dissident living in New York, and he openly denounces the atrocities committed by the CCP against the Chinese people.

The CCP has extra-legally negotiated Guo’s deportation from the United States, according to a court document filed in Hawaii on Aug. 17 and revealed by The Wall Street Journal on Aug. 24.

Guo partnered with former White House strategist Steve Bannon, and the two have repeatedly denounced the crimes of the CCP.

Guo and Bannon also founded the New Federal State of China movement on June 4, which intends to end the CCP. It seems that they have the support of millions of Chinese, mainly from Hong Kong.

“The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is essential to breaking the shackles of slavery imposed on the Chinese people, and also to achieving peace in the world,” the declaration of the New Federal State of China says.