The Canadian government has been funding a curriculum that teaches teenagers how to tell whether they’re experiencing their lives as the incorrect gender.

Teen Talk, a Sexuality Education Resource Center MB program initiative that is primarily exclusively sponsored by the government, gives teenagers the tools they need to determine whether their minds fit their anatomy, whether they are men or women, or whether they are something different totally.

“There are more than two genders,” the course explained, and what we thought of as physical gender, such as the nature of human reproductive systems, is mere “gender assignment” built on the principle that someone’s genitals fit their sexual identity.

Teen Talk went on to say, “gender isn’t about someone’s anatomy, it’s about who they know themselves to be.” 

The program describes certain sexual categories, but “man” and “woman” are two notably absent identities. According to Teen Talk, none of these are reasonable alternatives, reports the Post Millennial.

There is also a lot of confusion about what female and male, or woman and man, mean. It clarifies that gender identity and sexual preference are not synonymous. It also explains that “male and female” are gender categories at this stage. There is no reference to “biological sex.”

Even when discussing reproductive management, Teen Talk avoided implying that females are more likely to get pregnant.

Teen Talk provided many explanations of how to determine whether you were “a whole bunch of genders,” rather than men or women.

Teen Talk, which has government approval, wanted teenagers to understand how cool it is to be transgender or any other various identities, but it doesn’t teach them how to be comfortable with their own bodies.

Teens don’t just deserve to know that it’s okay to deviate from the standard; they also need to realize that the standard is fine.

Previously, Canadian Rob Hoogland, a Surrey, British Columbia native, is the courageous father of a young teenage girl who has been taken from him by the medical community and the Canadian courts.

Rob, whose daughter had wanted to be a boy since the seventh grade, felt she was too young to decide to change to a male at the age of 14 medically.

However, doctors, school administrators, and now the Supreme Court all agree that her father lacked the authority to make such a decision and that he must still refer to his daughter using “his” correct pronouns or face legal action.

Hoogland noticed differences in his daughter around the sixth grade when she behaved more like a tomboy. She was spending more and more time with boys her age, and she was getting into trouble. Hoogland referred her to a school counselor in the hopes of improving some of her bad habits.

“I’m thinking about these doctors. Here I am facing time in prison,” Hoogland said to Arthur Schaper of Mass Resistance in a Zoom interview.

He continued that these two doctors, who are so proud of their work transitioning children, are simply cowards in hiding.

He stated that they’re getting children out of school for hormone injections at recess. Parents are unaware of what is happening until it is too late. Parents are no longer told that their child is being “transitioned.”

Hoogland concluded that many who believe this craziness would never spread to the United States or other countries are delusory.

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