A Canadian couple is facing intense online backlash after a photo of them happily kissing behind a dead lion during a hunting trip in South Africa posted on Facebook.

The photo was originally uploaded on a Facebook page belonging to Legelela Safaris, a trophy-hunting company that offers customers a wide range of animals as prey, including lions with the caption: “Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun…well done. A monster lion.”

The couple are Darren and Carolyn Carter, from Edmonton, Alberta.

Other photos show the same couple in front of another dead lion, captioned: ‘There is nothing like hunting the king of the jungle in the sands of the Kalahari.’ (Legelela Safaris/Facebook)

It remains unclear who shot the lion or whether it was killed legally, but under South African law, big-game hunting is legal.

The lion photo has created an intensely negative reaction online, where many users have flooded the Carters’ Facebook page with angry comments.

The Legelela Safaris Facebook page has since been deleted.

The pair own and run Solitude Taxidermy in Parkland County, Alta., according to their Facebook page. They have described themselves as ‘passionate conservationists’ despite taking part in hunts, reports the Mirror.

Mr. Carter told the Mirror: ‘We aren’t interested in commenting on that at all. It’s too political.’

Carolyn and Darren Carter are shown with an animal carcass in this photo posted on their company’s website. (Solitude Taxidermy)

Legelela Safaris’ charges US$200 for a baboon, $850 for a wildebeest, $3,000 for a giraffe and $3,500 for a hyena. Prices for a rhino, an elephant, a lion or a hippo can be provided on request, according to the site.

The company allows customers to shoot animals with cameras or guns.