As Canadian officials ensured an incoming ban of Huawei from 5G networks, Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu on Dec. 10 warned that the country would “pay a price” for the move.

Last week, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said “a decision” on Huawei “is forthcoming.” 

“We have in place, and we’ll continue to put in place the measures that are necessary to protect our critical infrastructure, including cyber, he told CBC’s The House.”

Responding to the threats, Canadian Senator Leo Housakos said Cong’s defiant attitude had made him an unacceptable guest in Canada.

Housakos told the NTD News that this ambassador made unacceptable remarks since he took office, including threatening congressmen.

Cong also alleged that Canada was politicizing the issue. He even went further to remark that the national security threats from Huawei were only “invented” by the United States.

Margaret McCuaig-Johnston, a China expert and senior researcher at the University of Ottawa, said evidence of espionage activities from Huawei were abundant. As a result, Canada had no choice but to block Huawei 5G.

Canada was the last member in the Five Eyes alliance to remain indecisive in banning Huawei 5G until Dec.7, when Senate Government Representative Marc Gold teased an official announcement. The U.S., New Zealand, and Australia imposed a total ban two years ago.

Commenting on ambassador Cong’s threats, Johnston said, “The Canadian government is not afraid of the threat of Ambassador Cong, a very “non-diplomatic” diplomat.”

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