Authorities in Edmonton, Canada sent around 200 police officers, 40 vehicles, and a helicopter to prevent people from entering the Church GraceLife, according to videos uploaded by protesters at the site.

The Post Millennial reports it began last month when Pastor James Coates was arrested for defying government pandemic restrictions and opening the church to conduct his usual masses.

Coates was jailed for weeks for a ‘crime’ that civil rights organizations claim was not punishable by imprisonment.

Without fear of reprisal, the pastor reopened his church to give Easter mass. The authorities responded by sending police and private security detail to place a fence around the premises and block access to the site.

The event made headlines in several media, and on April 11, Canadians from several cities organized to demonstrate against the Orwellian measures of the Alberta authorities.

Several videos show hundreds of people demonstrating in favor of people’s freedom to attend church and even remove the fence placed by the police. The crowd can be heard chanting, “Only tyrants fear the lord” and “Listen Gestapo, we are a free country.”

In this video, protesters in Edmonton are seen removing the church fence.

At one point, several dozen police officers in vehicles descended, put the fence back up with the help of what were apparently people who were there doing a counter protest.


The video shows the people who went to help the police put the fence back up.

A Twitter user, Real Canuck News, posted a video of the moment the police arrived.


In describing the moment, the person filming explains around 200 police, 40 vehicles, and even a helicopter “just for a church,” he is heard saying.

The policemen are armed, wearing gas masks, and the protester realizes that they are ready to suppress the protest with tear gas if necessary.

Authorities claim the measures were taken ‘for the safety of the people’ and that the church was violating restrictions imposed by Alberta’s chief medical officer of health.

Pandemic, an excuse for authoritarian governments

A similar case occurred in California, another state governed by Democrats, lovers of authoritarianism and controlling others’ lives.

On April 11, according to Fox News, city authorities in Burbank, California, placed a fence around the Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill because its owner repeatedly defied health restrictions, and its story is one of peaceful resistance worth telling.

Gateway Pundit’s report explains that Burbank authorities initially decided to cut off the bar’s electricity supply and suspend its business license, seeing that it remained open despite orders to close.

That was not enough to discourage the owner, Lucas Lepejian, who brought in his generator to continue serving customers on the sidewalk.

The authorities arrested Lucas and sealed his place with red tape, chains, and padlocks. Lucas was released, cut the chains, and reopened.

Again he was arrested, and this time the authorities placed wooden boards on the doors. Lucas posted bail, sawed off the wooden boards, and reopened again.

This was repeated once more, with sandbags, which the owner removed and was arrested again. The police then fenced the premises with bars.

Lucas’ father, Baret Lepejian, told the media: “Show me one shred of evidence how I am endangering the public. This has never been about safety or the public. It’s never been about that. This whole thing is about fear and control.”

Although the measures taken to prevent contagion, lockdowns, social distancing, and the use of masks have not proven to be effective, governments around the world, particularly leftist governments, seem to have become infatuated with the idea of being able to decide what people can and cannot do.

But the false argument of doing it for “the safety of the people” collapses when they end up favoring those activities they consider more important, such as the Black Lives Matter protests, and restricting those not to their liking, as in the case of believers, who happen to put their faith in God to get them through this tragedy and not in governments.


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