The Ukrainian-Russian war continues to rage. Unlike other countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, China has always maintained a “neutral” position. Many German-language media have put forward their analysis on whether the West has wooed China.

An article in Germany’s Daily Mirror (Der Tagesspiegel) under the headline “China stands by Russia – so far” said China is worried about whether its support for Russia will damage its relations with the West and that Beijing’s top leaders have disagreed on the war stance.

The German Economic Weekly (Wirtschaftswoche), in an article titled “A hotline to Beijing is needed,” argued that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz should use his close ties with China to draw China in to stop Russia. It said that many diplomats had compared the situation today to the 1940s, whereby the allies needed Russia to fight Nazi Germany.

The paper said that even if Beijing is unlikely to provide Russian weapons if we want to embargo Russian energy completely, we must rely on the help of China. It said that the relatively good relations between China and Russia would undoubtedly help in a negotiated solution to the crisis in Ukraine.

However, the Austrian Der Standard took an opposing position. In an article titled “China is a deceptive hope,” the paper pointed out that even if China can stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it will not accept Western values. The article said that once the war in Ukraine is over, the West must stick to its values of democracy.

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