A Russian-British researcher drew attention to the possible complicity of the University of Cambridge in the case of the false collusion with Russia, in which U.S. President Donald Trump was to be impeached.

For Svetlana Lokhova, the British university was involved with the role played by former professor Stefan Halper, who handed over confidential information to FBI agents to be used against President Trump in the cause promoted by the Democratic representatives, according to the Daily Caller.

“Cambridge University was either negligent or complicit with regard to Halper,” Lokhova emphatically charged.

Lokhova said that Stephen Somma, the FBI counterintelligence agent charged with obtaining information from Halper, was visiting Cambridge in November 2011.

Later, on July 10, 2016, Halper met with Carter Page at Cambridge shortly before the FBI officially began investigating Trump’s election campaign.

Page, a former foreign policy adviser during Trump’s campaign, was monitored by the FBI on irregular Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) authorizations.

Recently, Somma was found responsible by Inspector General Michael Horowitz for irregularities in obtaining authorizations to investigate members of the Trump campaign, including Page.

Somma was “primarily responsible for some of the most significant errors and omissions” committed to obtaining the permits, according to Horowitz’s December report.

Lokhova, who is writing a book on Halper, insisted, “The University of Cambridge was a pivotal place for Spygate, (the name was also given to the Trump campaign research).”

Cambridge University also reportedly instructed its staff not to talk about Halper, whose activity had largely revolved around the university, according to The Washington Post.

In his actions, Halper is said to have established a complete web of relationships between FBI agents and numerous British and Russian personalities who contributed to former British spy Christopher Steele, using Cambridge University as an alibi.

Steele was the one who put together the controversial dossier, paid for by the Democrats, on which the case of the false collusion with Russia was based.

After nearly three years of investigation and costing millions of dollars for the accusation of collusion with Russia, the special counsel Robert Mueller who directed it concluded that there was no crime against President Trump.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice ordered an investigation into the procedures following those investigations, and it was at this stage that Horowitz found 17 “significant” errors and omissions made by the FBI in its requests for surveillance orders on Carter Page and the Trump campaign.