A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia, on Wednesday, Sept. 22, causing some damage to buildings.

Sky News citing Geoscience Australia, reported that the quake’s epicenter was near the rural town of Mansfield in Victoria, about 124 miles (200 km) northeast of Melbourne.

Ms Maus, Chapel Street Precinct General Manager, described the buildings that had come down in Chapel Street as looking like “a three-year old has kicked a Lego house.”

“A lot of these are like powder, they’re so old,” she said. 

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that there had been no reports of serious injuries after the quake, though the tremors also were felt in neighboring Australian states.

“We have no reports of serious injuries, or worse, and that is very good news and we hope that good news will continue,” Morrison said.

The 6.0-magnitude quake is one of Australia’s biggest on record.

State Political reporter Simon Love shared a video featuring some damaged buildings on Chapel Street, many of them Heritage listed.

Lotti Dyer, a pop culture enthusiast, tweeted a photo showing impacts of the quake in a supermarket in Melbourne, captioning “2021 already has me unstable and now this!?”

Sky News cited some people in northern parts of Melbourne saying that they lost power while others said they were evacuated from buildings.

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