Fahad Badar, a Qatari mountaineering enthusiast, lost nearly all fingers of his left hand this month after unprecedented events interfered with his expedition in Broad Peak.

The journey to conquer the world’s twelfth-highest mountain with a height of 26,4001 feet (8,047 meters) above sea level was kicked off in July, and Badar was supposed to be accompanied by at least two high-altitude porters and a guide.

The challenging mountain forced two porters off the trip over altitude illness, who were supposed to assist him with oxygen supply. 

The expedition started to become tougher now that they were two people short for carrying the necessary equipment.

Badar proceeded to the summit the following day, not knowing that his guide, the last person to partner him, had also left because his oxygen supply was running short.

“He turned back without informing me or providing any orientation for my descent,” Badar shared on Facebook. 

Also running short of his oxygen supply, Badar had no other choice but to descend the summit himself in the dark without any assistance. 

Suffering from oxygen deprivation, Badar became hallucinogenic and was forced to spend the night stuck up in high altitudes. Although he survived until the next morning and was rescued, the event left him with severe damage.

“Unfortunately, because of the oxygen on top, I suffered several damages to my hand, as well as brain enlargement and hallucinations, and now I have amnesia because of what happened that night,” he said, according to IloveQatar.

His hands were blackened by frostbite. Despite efforts to treat the condition, Badar has to lose four fingers from his left-hand fingers through amputation. 

“My life, my body will never be the same again after this life-changing surgery and even the most basic tasks will be a great challenge,” he said, informing the surgery had been scheduled this month at a U.K. hospital.

Badar was anxious about how his life may change post-surgery, but he said he would try to push the worries away and move on with strength.

“My resolve to press on unhindered is the only hope I cling to. I remain eternally grateful to be alive despite the utter terror of the uncertainty of the future,” he continued.

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