The global threat that the pandemic has brought about mainly due to the mismanagement of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), the coverup of relevant information, as well as the silencing of those who made the decision to step forward to inform the world what is happening has caused a paralysis to set in amid the uncertainty.

The CCP Virus pandemic, also known as the new coronavirus, has killed thousands of people globally and wreaked havoc on hundreds of citizens who continue to live in confinement.

In the words of Christopher Francis Patten, who was a leading figure in UK politics, the CCP Virus has killed families, destroyed businesses, wiped out economies, and become a major threat to poorer countries.

In a recent column in the Daily Mail, Patten said it must be clear that the Chinese people, who include many brave nurses, doctors, and citizens who have done their best to deal with the emergency, are not to blame for the disaster caused by the CCP.

“When some tried to blow the whistle about what was happening, Communist officials used the security services to shut them up,” Patten said.

“While medical staff were gagged, the pandemic began to spread through Wuhan in late January and February. Millions left the city and surrounding Hubei Province for their New Year holidays. They traveled within China and to other parts of the world. That is the fundamental reason why today every country is menaced,” he added.

Patten, who is now chancellor of Oxford University, repeatedly pointed out that the CCP is responsible for the pandemic, but not to Chinese citizens inside and outside the country.

He also made special mention of those African citizens in China who have been used as scapegoats by the CCP to incriminate them for their negligence and to create a media smokescreen to deflect responsibility.

He also took the opportunity to highlight Taiwan’s leadership during the pandemic, highlighting its measures and arrangements for dealing with the outbreak as the democratic country that it is, managing to anticipate the alarm over the outbreak of the CCP Virus.

“Taiwan—a Chinese community—has dealt with the disease very effectively. Why? Because it is an open society and a democracy with a free press,” Patten said in the article.

He stressed that while something like a pandemic should be prevented in the future, he made it clear that cooperation with a communist regime that has deliberately lied to the world should be different, referring to similar situations that occurred in the past, such as the emergency that caused SARS.

“Covid-19 [CCP Virus] is not the first example of this risk. In 2002-04, SARS started in much the same way and its causes and spread were initially covered up. Fortunately, the results were not as bad as they have been this time,” Patten said.

In light of the events surrounding the CCP Virus, Patten said there should be a joint effort with the U.N. and other countries to openly investigate the causes, noting the world’s concerns how the World Health Organization (WHO) has acted on the CCP’s behalf.

“If you doubt that, just look at the way the WHO has connived with the communist regime to freeze Taiwan—with a population of almost 24 million—out of the organization,” Patten said, who in turn condemned the way the WHO ignored Taiwan’s warnings about a possible virus that was transmitted from person to person.

Patten mentioned the way the CCP responds to diplomatic affairs, citing a dispute that arose between the Chinese Embassy in Canberra, Australia, over the government’s travel ban measures from China.

At the same time, however, since the beginning of January, the CCP has been arranging for shipments and purchases of huge quantities of medical supplies from Australia.

The way the CCP has handled the CCP Virus ended up prompting an investigation by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a decision that was highly questioned by Beijing, which threatened to stop buying Australian products.

“This is the sort of bullying tactic we have come to expect from China [the CCP]. The world should denounce it for a change,” Patten said.

“As many of Australia’s friends as possible should say how much we agree with Canberra’s proposal. On trade and economic issues, we should deal with China [the CCP] together. China’s economic growth depends largely on Australia’s minerals,” he added.

According to Patten, the CCP hates democracies and everything they stand for, noting that shortly after Chinese leader Xi Jinping became China’s dictator he issued a set of provisions to address the challenge posed by Western democracies, as well as freedom and the rule of law.

He pointed out that it was not at all strange that Xi had used the CCP Virus as an excuse to “screw up” democracy even more in Hong Kong by arresting its leaders and ignoring the agreement he made before the U.N. granting sovereign autonomy until 2047.

“China’s [CCP’s] breach of this treaty is another reason for deep concern. Britain has a moral and a legal obligation to raise this issue vigorously on the international stage. We should encourage our friends and others to do the same,” Patten wrote.

“One day this nasty and dangerous regime will go. Until then, all the friends of freedom and decency will have to be on our guard,” the article concluded.