Former Brexit leader Nigel Farage said that the lockdowns in the UK are leading to a police state and he predicted a longer battle to regain individual freedoms than the one carried out for Brexit.

“Once the state takes power how on earth do we get those powers back? Do we have enough independently minded MPs in Westminster to challenge the executive once we’re through this crisis to say those powers need to be returned, those liberties and freedoms need to go back to the people?”

“I’m beginning to think that the battle for our individual liberty could be an even bigger battle than the battle to get us out of the European Union,” Farage added, according to Breitbart News.

UK authorities have moved to impose restrictions on people who question the narrative of the CCP Virus vaccines.

In November, The Times reported that the military has mobilized an elite “information warfare” unit, known for assisting operations against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, to counter online propaganda against vaccines.

Farage said the British government is unlikely to give up the emergency powers it has accumulated during the CCP Virus crisis. “It is turning neighbor against neighbor, it is turning people against the police force, and it is not going to stop the spread of this virus.”

Farage mentioned a video circulating on the networks in which he sees the police breaking into a family’s home in Scotland and threatening them with arrest for allegedly violating CCP Virus restrictions.

Farage said that in the name of fighting the CCP Virus, Britain is sacrificing its freedoms and liberties, indicating that “there is a danger that we could become something like a police state.”

The London Underground police announced on Wednesday that it has asked its officers to “impose fines more quickly” on those who have no reasonable excuse for being outside their home and not wearing a mask, according to The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Priti Patel showed her support for the police and demanded explanations for those outside as well as proof of their behavior during the latest lockdown that forbids people from leaving their homes.

Last Monday Farage criticized the government’s handling of the pandemic. “Are we really going to trust the same people, the same Cabinet ministers, who made such a mess of testing in the early days?,” he said.

“Whose almost every promise they have failed to deliver upon. Or is it time to think about a different approach? It is time to have a Government, and to have people leading it, who’ve got genuine talent even if they disagree on many other policy matters,” Farage said, according to Express UK.

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