Brexit former leader Nigel Farage recently shared a video on social networks in which he said his next campaign will focus on reducing Britain’s dependence on Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

According to Farage, the CCP represents an “even bigger challenge” as well as a “bigger threat to our independence, our way of life” and freedom itself than the European Union, Breitbart News reported.

“China [CCP] is doing their absolute best to take over the world; they’re throttling democracy in Hong Kong and they’ll do their best to do it elsewhere. They’ve taken over many of the resources in Africa,” Farage said on his YouTube channel.

The former leader of the Brexit Party, which soon hopes to change its name to Reform UK, said that the CCP represents a threat to the freedom of the British, as well as a threat to their way of life.

According to Farage, his next mission will be to make sure people understand what the CCP is and what it is doing to its own people and what it wants to do to the rest of the world.

He added, “I’ll tell you what the next big challenge is … the threat to our way of life, our liberty,—and it is China. but China are doing their absolute best to take over the world. This Chinese Communist Party pose a massive threat to the world, so my next campaign is to make sure people understand who China are, what the Chinese Communist Party is, what it’s doing to its own people, what it wants to do to the rest of the world.”

As reported by Express UK, Farage announced that his next campaign would begin in 2021, “and that is to make sure we are no longer dependent on China,” he said.

Some users on Twitter, agreed with Farage’s position that the CCP was a threat to the United Kingdom, which should be stopped.

Brexit’s former leader’s statements sparked dissent from the CCP, so Farage’s message was responded to by Chinese journalist Chen Weihua, who wrote on his Twitter account, “This is like Mr. Farage standing in the middle of the railway trying to stop the incoming train. The result: He is crushed. BTW, Chinese bullet train runs much faster,” Weihua concluded.

Farage responded, “Look at the arrogance of the Chinese state media. They intend to rule the world.

The Brexit former leader, who sent greetings to all his followers for the new year, reiterated that his new ambition was to “stopping China is the next big battle to fight,” according to India Time Post.

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