In a press conference just hours ago Monday evening, Jan. 27, local time the deputy governor of Hubei Province Yang Yunyan, pointed out the Hubei is speeding up the designation of hospitals to handle coronavirus victims and increasing the number of available beds. Hubei has identified 112 hospitals and medical institutions to treat people infected with the coronavirus and has opened up nearly 100,000 beds. Seven hospitals were requisitioned and more that 3,000 beds were set up. The next step is to mobilize staff at 24 medical institutions in lots to gradually free up beds to treat the anticipated confirmed cases.

It is suspected that an earlier leak about the situation came from the deputy governor. 

The Chinese communist Party has so far announced more than 2,000 confirmed cases of the “new coronavirus,” but the outside world still highly suspects that authorities are continuing to conceal the epidemic. On Ja, 27, Yang Yunyan, deputy governor of the Chinese Communist Party of China’s Hubei Province stated publicly that 100,000 beds should be prepared for the epidemic, and data closer to reality was suspected to be leaked. Media in mainland China began to delete reports as soon as they were published.

According to the Communist Party’s media “China News Network”, on the evening of Monday (27th) Beijing time, Yang Yunyan said at the Hubei Provincial Government’s epidemic conference that Hubei is accelerating the deployment of beds and designated hospitals in response to the epidemic. The province has identified 112 medical institutions and hospitals to treat infected patients and open nearly 100,000 beds. Among them, the first batch of requisitioned 7 designated hospitals in Wuhan will set up more than 3,000 beds. It will also mobilize 24 medical institutions in batches to free up beds gradually.

After the report went live, it was quickly republished by many media in Mainland China. But just three hours later, the original report was deleted. And reports by media including Sina, China Business News and East Money, have also been deleted, suspected to have touched the restricted area of “maintaining stability.”

Currently, the Chinese Communist Party has officially notified more than 2,000 confirmed cases across the country. However, a number of local doctors and nurses in Wuhan have disclosed internal information via the Internet that a rough estimate is that at least 100,000 people in Wuhan have been infected. News of the epidemic outbreak and large numbers of deaths among patients have been spread frequently on the internet.

And as we follow users on Twitter, Diren has a message saying, “Allegedly a big announcement tomorrow [Jan. 28]. Chengdu next to be put on lock and quarantine? According to this recording, that is the case.

And Beijing is holding masks that were donated because the donors cannot afford to pay the processing fee of 7-8 yuan.

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