The Department of Defense announced on Feb. 1 that an Australian company has received authorization and funding to process rare minerals in the city of Hondo, Texas, taking the first step toward ending dependence on China for these valuable mineral resources.

“Lynas Rare Earths Ltd., the largest rare earth element mining and processing company outside of China, has been awarded a Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III technology investment agreement to establish domestic processing capabilities for light rare earth elements,” the Pentagon statement said.

Rare minerals “are critical to numerous commercial and defense applications, including petroleum refining, glass additives, and magnets used in electric vehicle drive motors and precision-guided munitions,” the announcement stated.

Critical rare earth minerals

The deal includes the award of $30 million, which if successful, Lynas will produce up to “25% of the world’s supply of rare mineral element oxides.”

According to the Washington Examiner, rare minerals are a set of 17 soft heavy metals found in the earth’s crust. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) currently owns 80% of the world supply of these minerals.

The announcement comes in response to executive order 13817 of Dec. 20, 2017, when President Donald Trump paved the way to move away from reliance on the CCP, considered the U.S.’s first adversary, to source the precious minerals needed “to ensure supply and strengthen defense supply chains.”

The United States and Australia were among the few countries that publicly demanded that the CCP answer to the international community for its role in the pandemic, which infuriated Chinese authorities who usually threaten retaliation.

According to statements by Amanda Lacaze, CEO of Lynas Corporations, there is a correct understanding among business executives about what is involved in relying on China with the Communist Party at the helm.

CCP withholds rare earth minerals

“Twice in the last decade, CEOs have had to sit up and take notice. And that is, in 2010, China [the CCP] threatened to stop the export of rare earth materials to Japan, and again, in the trade tensions between the U.S. and China … one of the threats from China has been to stop the export of rare materials,” Lacaze said.

Due to the corruption of governments around the world, especially in mineral-rich regions such as Africa and South America that certainly have the weakest democracies, the CCP seized natural resources in many countries on these continents, which some have called a “neo-colonization” by the CCP.

CCP bribes countries to get what it wants

With offers of million-dollar investments, which ultimately end up as bribes to government officials as the CCP brings in its employees and takes the profits back home, the CCP has seized the Earth’s most valuable resources while destroying local economies and subjugating the entire world.

Only when the entire world rejects the Chinese Communist Party, and its manipulative tactics can this situation be reversed.

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