According to the New York Daily News, a massive boulder fell on boaters at a major tourist spot in Brazil, killing six people and injuring scores more on Saturday, Jan. 8 2022. The carnage was captured in a disturbing video that quickly went viral.

The tragedy occurred near Lake Furnas in Capitolia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The festive scene of boaters enjoying a day that was instantly transformed into horror is shown just below the rock face as it broke and fell directly onto several boats, causing screams from other boaters, some of whom may have passed by the exact location before the unexpected incident, according to a video posted on Twitter.

According to the Associated Press, Minas Gerais State Fire Department Commander Edgard Estevo stated at a news conference where he said that “as many as 20 people might be missing and officials were seeking to identify them,” most of the 32 people who were injured had already been discharged from hospitals by Saturday night.

According to a translation by Fox News, “We are all stunned,” Rovilson Teixeira, who has worked in the area for six years, said of the accident, “nobody knows how many victims, but I can already tell you that there were not one or two deaths, but many deaths.” He added, “There are a lot of hurt people. The region is full of ambulances that have come from other areas to pick up the victims, but no one yet realizes the scale of the tragedy here.”

“It was believed that each boat involved was carrying 12 to 20 people, including children,” Fox News reported.

According to G1, a Brazilian news portal, firefighters believe pebbles deflected and fell into the river due to a rapid downpour. Helicopters and divers have been dispatched to aid in the search and rescue efforts.

According to AP, “Furnas Lake, which was created in 1958 for the installation of a hydroelectric plant, is a popular tourist draw in the area roughly 420 kilometers (260 miles) north of Sao Paulo. Officials in Capitolio, which has about 8,400 residents, say the town can see around 5,000 visitors on a weekend, and up to 30,000 on holidays.”

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