Experts are saying the Beijing Olympics scheduled for the next two months would be similar to that of Nazi Germany 1936 Summer Olympics.

Rafael Medoff, the founder of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, told Voice of America that these two governments saw the games as an opportunity to cover up their tainted reputation.

He said, “In 1936, Adolf Hitler was very eager to have Nazi Germany be regarded as a civilized society by the world. Today’s Chinese leaders also want to be regarded as legitimate and acceptable members of the international community.”

Li Yuanhua, former associate professor of the School of Educational Science, Capital Normal University, Beijing, said the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, would use the Olympics to have the world accept it as legitimate.

Speaking with NTDTV, Li said that the CCP has been more deceptive and dangerous to the world than Hitler.

He said, “The CCP says one thing and does another. It wants to use the money to erode liberal democracies or infiltrate and use economic diplomacy to corrupt the world. Its level of harm can be said to be more than that of Hitler.”

Through the Olympics, Li said the CCP would continue to paint a “China dream” that all nations admire.

He said the CCP wants to “create a tyranny that will continue to last or expand to the world”.

The US has led a diplomatic boycott to protest human rights abuses conducted by the CCP. Many other nations including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England have announced the same measure.

However, Rafael Medoff was not optimistic about the diplomatic boycott, which he said was trivial and symbolic.

He believed such a small protest “will once again send a message to the authoritarian regimes and to the Chinese leaders that the world does not really care about the genocide and persecution against Uyghurs or the suppressed freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

He added, “This will send a terrible message.”

Medoff believed it came down to athletes, the center of attention in the games, to take real actions. But as Voice of America noted, not all competitors are ready to speak up for fear of retaliation.

American biathlete Clare Egan was among the very few who publicly addressed the issue. He told the paper that “to remain silent is complicity.”

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