Japan announced on Sunday, Dec. 6, that the French army will join, starting in May next year, military exercises on land and sea to counteract the growing Chinese military presence in the region, Breitbart reported.

According to Reuters reports, one of the main objectives would be to provide aid to Japan’s uninhabited outlying islands and to strengthen the military defense against a possible attack.

“We want to demonstrate our presence to the region and send a message about Japan-France cooperation,” Adm. Pierre Vandier, chief of staff of the French navy, told Sankei in a separate interview. “This is a message aimed at China. This is a message about multilateral partnerships and the freedom of passage.”

The announcement comes after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga signed a new military pact in Tokyo last month aimed at strengthening their defense relations, especially given the continued threat from the neighboring Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The CCP claims sovereignty over the islands controlled by Japan in the East China Sea, and France’s incorporation into the alliance is a clear message of rejection to the CCP and its ambition to control the Indo-Pacific region.

With the addition of France, the alliance that includes the superior military power of the United States, Australia, Japan, India, and the United Kingdom presents a serious challenge to the communist dictatorship that is now completely isolated in terms of superiority in numbers.

In a statement, the U.S. State Department said on Dec. 3, “Across much of the Indo-Pacific region, the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] is using military and economic coercion to bully its neighbors, advance unlawful maritime claims, threaten maritime shipping lanes, and destabilize territory” of China.

“This predatory conduct increases the risk of miscalculation and conflict. The United States stands with its Southeast Asian allies and partners to champion a free and open Indo-Pacific,” the statement said.

Under President Trump’s leadership, the once unquestioned economic and political power of the CCP was decimated considerably, and its false image of “world potency” was reversed.

By imposing sanctions on Chinese communist officials involved in human rights violations, by tariffing their cheap imports that destroy local economies, and by exposing their responsibility for the pandemic, President Trump showed the world the true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party, and these recent alliances against it are a clear indication that its end is near.

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