Experts are warning about “Terminator” style “killer robots” with advanced artificial intelligence being developed by the world’s superpowers, which if left uncontrolled would have the capacity to wipe out humanity, according to The Sun.

Lethal autonomous weapons, or LAWS, have autonomy, meaning they are capable of attacking targets without being externally controlled. They use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to operate. 

As a UN report revealed, a Turkish-made drone carried out the world’s first autonomous killing spree in Libya, against human targets.

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, last Monday, Dec. 13, during a convention in Geneva, raised the need for new rules regulating the use of autonomous weapons, which according to reports are being developed by China, Russia and the United States.

“I encourage the Review Conference to agree on an ambitious plan for the future to establish restrictions on the use of certain types of autonomous weapons,” Guterres said.

While Clare Conboy of Stop Killer Robots, a collection of non-governmental organizations seeking to preemptively ban lethal autonomous weapons, said during the week of talks at the UN that the speed at which technology is advancing “is really beginning to outpace the rate of diplomatic talks.” 

 And he said that this was an “historic opportunity” for countries to take steps “to safeguard humanity against autonomy in the use of force.”

But the UN, after 5 days of talks, failed to agree on a ban on “killer robots.” 

According to experts, machines that make their own decisions have unpredictable errors arising from flaws in algorithmic codes, which can lead to catastrophic consequences, even on an armageddon scale if they become armed with biological, chemical or even nuclear warheads.

“It is a world where the sort of unavoidable algorithmic errors that plague even tech giants like Amazon and Google can now lead to the elimination of whole cities,” warns Professor James Dawes of Macalester College.

China has had in its possession for a decade an underwater robot designed to autonomously track and destroy enemy ships. 

The Chinese regime recently unveiled its drones, and is building a robot warship, satellite images reported by The Sun in October show. 

The experts’ concern also stems from the lower cost of such a war since killer robotic weapons mean fewer soldiers in the line of fire.

The Sun reported that in April, “a Pentagon official confirmed they are considering whether it will one day be necessary to remove humans from the chain of command in situations where they cannot respond fast enough against robot enemies.”

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